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While you can’t predict or control which news story goes viral, you can certainly give creative energy to the process and increase your chances of the someone watching a little longer instead of swiping right past you.  Here are some examples of news stories I turned into TikToks and explanations for why I made certain production and editorial choices.

Nasa Astronaut Returns from Space: 11.9M Views

@conflenti NASA Astronaut Christina Koch is an amazing role model!!! 🚀 🌍 #foryou #home #nasa #space #science #news #viral ♬ home – gnash

Firefighter Gives Water to a Rescued Koala: 5.3M Views

@conflenti Firefighters from Oakbank/Balhannah CFS in South Australia give water to a dehydrated Koala. ❤️ #foryou #viral #news ♬ Dissolve (acoustic) – Absofacto & NITESHIFT

Puppy Rescued from a Drain Pipe: 1.7M Views

@conflenti Thank goodness someone heard the puppy crying and called for help! 🙏🏼🐶 #foryou #holidayszn #sowholesome ♬ Walk Me Home – P!nk

Woman Rescues Koala from Wildfire: 23.3M Views

@conflenti This woman bravely rescued a koala stranded in the Australian fires. 😲👏🏼 #foryou #news #hero #animallover ♬ Fight Song – Rachel Platten

Actor Sneaks Food into The Oscar’s: 2.4M Views

@conflenti This sound was made for Oscars night! 🎥 Julia Butters’ turkey sandwich & Taika Waititi hiding a trophy (via @celebs) #foryou #favoritemovies ♬ Don’t be suspicious – io non so

Kim Jong Un Still Alive After Reported Illness: 1.9M Views

@conflenti 🚀 #kimjongun #northkorea #news ♬ I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

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