How I Became TikTok Famous

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5 rules for creating great content and 15 videos I created that each surpassed 1 million views.  There can be a lot of ups and downs on the way to the blue check mark. Following my rules doesn’t guarantee you’ll be rich and famous. But it gives you the best shot.  I’ll list them and explain after these examples of times I went viral on TikTok.

1) Breaking Free from the TV: 4.1M Views

@conflenti Reposting this cuz that’s the #trend (4m views is big for a local TV guy) #viral #foryou ♬ original sound – Owen Conflenti

2) Riding a Chair on TV: 1.6M Views

@conflenti These shenanigans have been outlawed. 📺🤦🏻♂️#television #news #houston #studio #foryou ♬ original sound – em

3) “Who R U?”: 20.7M Views

4) Slapping Myself on TV: 13.6M Views

@conflenti I’ve wanted to do this for a while sorry I’m late. 📺 #slapchallenge #foryou ♬ original sound – Owen Conflenti

5) The Team Hits the “Woah!”: 13.6M Views

6) Saying Hey To Myself on TV: 7.1M Views

@conflenti When the man in the 📺 says #hey #foryou produced by @buddyc0nflenti ♬ Come and Get Your Love – Redbone

7) Accidentally Walking Into Frame on Live TV: 1M Views

@conflenti I’ve gotta pay more attention in the studio. 😳 📺 #foryou #hellohello #oops ♬ Sober Up (feat. Rivers Cuomo) – AJR

8) Tesla Truck Announcement: 2.6M Views

9) Charli D’Melio Moves on TV: 5.1M Views

@conflenti I can’t get away from this song and dance. 🤓🤦🏻‍♂️🤣 (feat. @charlidamelio and friends) #foryou #dance #sowholesome #stuckinmyhead ♬ A m e r i c a n B o y – favsoundds

10) Texans Cheerleaders In-Studio: 2.8M Views

@conflenti When the ladies wanna take pics with the @texanscheerleaders but I’ve gotta get back to work. 🤣 (inspo: @jameshenry) #foryou #holidayovertime ♬ original sound – James Henry

12) YMCA “Slap” Olympics Remix: 2.4M Views

@conflenti Finally fixed the sign in the lobby! 📺 #foryou #olympics #tokyo2020 #slap #ymca ♬ original sound – Luca

13) Me Wanted For Questioning: 2.2M Views

14) Sneeze Transition: 1.8M Views


Up at 2am. Showtime at 4:30am. 📺

♬ "Vacation" by Dirty Heads – .

15a) Ryan Reynolds Today Show Love: 2.9M Views

@conflenti They’re not wrong. 😳🤣 @TODAY Show @vancityreynolds ♬ original sound – Owen Conflenti

15b) Ryan Reynolds Remix: 2M Views

@conflenti They’re not wrong. 😳🤣 @TODAY Show @vancityreynolds ♬ original sound – Owen Conflenti

Five Content Creation "Rules"

1. Be yourself. 

This may sound oversimple, but I’ve seen lots of people (including myself in the early days of television) acting like someone else.  I think mimicking performers you like is a good training method but it ultimately has to lead to your authentic self.  Unless you’re an actor, don’t act.  Say what you would say how you would say it and don’t hold back. 

2. Be honest 

Being your authentic self is an important part of an honest presentation, but the content itself must be honest as well.  Viewers see through fakeness.  

3. Be consistent.

Post daily, every other day, or at least weekly.  It’s okay if you slip a little but consistency is key to growing and maintaining your audience.  If they don’t see you for a while, they might assume you’re gone forever.

4. Experiment.

Try many styles of presenting your content.  This is another area where mimicking others can be helpful.  It doesn’t necessarily matter if your production or presenting style is similar to someone else’s.  Your content will be different because you are different.  Sometimes it just takes time to find what works and what doesn’t

5. Have fun.

If you’re not enjoying the process, you’ll quit.  Or perhaps worse, your displeasure will start to bleed through into your content.  Find a way to work content creation into your life in a way that fits and doesn’t cause undue stress or anxiety for you.

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