Laughter is the best medicine.

"Happiness Comes From The Simple Things"


…English football fans in a bar wildly celebrate a goal for their national team against Wales. In the parodies, the video the fans are watching are replaced with more innocuous clips in order to create the riotous response. The first popular parody of the clip was titled “Happiness comes from the simple things,” leading future parodies to appear with this name.

"I'm Only Human After All"


…using a scene from the music video for “Human” by Rag’n’Bone Man in which the camera spins around the singer as he sings “I’m only human, after all” as an exploitable alongside captions about doing something unhinged, violent or illegal. The format became popularized on TikTok in early 2023.

"Shopping Cart Races"


During the height of the Children’s Tylenol shortage in 2022, these classic video of people racing with empty shopping carts in a store was the perfect meme for parents’ struggles to find what they needed.

"Hurricane Names"

“Patrick Bateman blank stare” meme. This is another scene taken out of American Psycho that could be used to present disassociating feelings or emotionless reactions.

"Wrap It Up!"


Features a clip from the Dave Chappelle show, where Dave imagines if regular people had a box that played music like the Hollywood awards shows do to obviously let the person is talking too long.

"Let Me Show You Something"


“Patrick Bateman shows his phone, what do you think, green screen” template. In the scene from the popular movie American Psycho, the phone screen, which was originally a business card Patrick Bateman is showing off, is now a green screen.