Owen Conflenti

Owen Conflenti and Mike Schibel at an Emerson College basketball game circa 1998
Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi playing chess and Owen Conflenti covering the event.

The Journey

“My first love.  As a child, I would lay awake at night and listen to the radio — live sports, music, talk.  I studied the craft by listening.  I learned the technical side by bothering the engineers until they put me work.  This led to recording, live music engineering, audio production, and finally… voiceover.”

Finding a Career

“With its epic voiceovers, dramatic music, and slow-motion video, TV was hard to resist.  From a creative standpoint, video opened up so many new possibilities.  I studied broadcast journalism during that time which is what led me to a career in TV news.”

Content Creator:
Now and Forever

“What I love today are all the creative tools we have at our fingertips.  They level the playing field for creators.  Having big budgets doesn’t guarantee views or streams.  It’s the message and how it’s communicated that’s most important.”

Buy or Bye?!

Each week on KPRC 2, Owen tests a consumer product and gives it a rating based on how well the product performs and if it meets its advertising promise.  Many of the products you may have seen yourself in a social media ad or viral post.  And they’re not always as good as they seem!

Blog Posts

Original Music

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